Katya Blinova portfolio – turnkey websites

A women's coach website ☼ A Matrix of a Destiny ☼ Eat, live, love trainings.

My client from the USA, ethnically Russian, wanted to have the aura colored website for her all-about-woman services for women. It is a mix of a classic website, multi-landing pages for training invintations and webinars, member accounts for different levels of participant. The website is on Russian.

A woman coach webdesign

A brick stovemaker's website.

My client from Russia wanted to redesign his website for stovemaker services – construction of the brick hearths: fireplaces, bbq, bath stoves.

After redesign it is big website with a mix classic website, portfolio, blog and multi-landings pages for each hearths for advertising campaign. The website is on Russian.

Pole dance studio webdesign.

This is a webdesign for a pole dance studio in London.


A project studio website.

My client from Russia wanted a website for a group of stovemakers who project hearths and where customers would be able to choose or order a hearth project and a stovemaker to build it.

I continue to translate my portfolio in English. Please, have a visual view to all of my work in Russian. If you have any questions. please contact me via Whatsaap or solial metworks.

identity in Portfolio

Vector graphics is not my main specialization. I like to do it and I do it! This is my hobby and a part of me.